Our mission is simple.

The Good Cop exists to cultivate a community that commends law enforcement professionals who do a great job.



Everything we do starts with honesty. And honestly, law enforcement isn't perfect. It's composed of imperfect systems and people. The Good Cop Town Hall was created to be a place for you to talk about the good and bad. Now is not the time for sentimentality. There are areas in law enforcement that need improvement, and we've talked to many police men and women at all ranks that feel the same way. Still, when we take an honest look at the landscape of law enforcement, we believe there is so much to appreciate about the work our police officers do.


To fully appreciate something requires a deep understanding of all that it is and does. We want people to see and feel what our police officers see and feel. To learn more about what their day really consists of. To consider the feeling of approaching an angry crowd, or the transition at the end of the day from chaos to mom. So we talked to four police officers and one police captain to try to understand more about what they do, and who they are. What they had to say was refreshingly honest.


This is The Good Cop in action. Take time to recognize the good things you see from law enforcement. Thank a police officer in person. If you see them doing good for the community, share what you saw on social media and tag it with #goodcop. Share someone else's post or news article, and tag it with #goodcop. Check out our #goodcop page for more information. If you've had an encounter with a police officer that merits special commendation, please submit your story via our Nominate an Officer page. Please help other people find thegoodcop.org. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @the_goodcop