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Forget about fancy.

We aren't looking for a police officer rescuing a cat from a burning tree while pursuing a group of bank robbers. But if you see that, it would make an awesome nomination story. Police officers spend a lot of time doing seemingly ordinary things around our communities. Whether it's conducting traffic during a power outage or chasing a loose dog through a neighborhood, they provide a vital service to our communities. The ordinary tasks keep us safe, keep things moving, keep society happening. So share the ORDINARY. Make noise on social media about all of the little things our police men and women are doing for us. When you see a police officer doing their job well, share it. Post a status, video, or photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media network you're a part of. Tag it with #goodcop. We won't see most of these things on the five o'clock news, but you can help people see them in their news feeds.

Tell the neighbors and the masses.

When you upload your #goodcop post, also include a localized hashtag. So here in kalamazoo, we would tag #goodcop and #goodcopkalamazoo to our posts. This creates a national and local presence for #goodcop.

New to social media?

The symbol # is called a hashtag. Hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a post, and group them all together. Think of them like folder labels in a filing cabinet. When people search for #goodcop, they will see the whole 'folder' of posts that other people tagged with #goodcop. 

When using hashtag, it's important to write the tag phrase with no spaces. For example, you want to post your story, photo, and/or video with #goodcop not #good cop.

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